Recover a broken/partitioned/whatever harddrive(external or internal)

So, who HAS NOT experienced a harddrive crash?! The answer is likely no one(either they know it or not).

The Problem
Since I experienced this lately I thought I write a tiny howto, to easy the pain and suffering for you. What happened to me was that I got delivered an external USB harddrive(WD 500GB Essential) and got told that “I NEED MY PICTURES BACK”….apparently after some digging into why it stopped working I found out it “might have been dropped or bumped while connected”. So this means theres a pretty good chance of errors! The harddrive was NTFS and were unable to mount at all – seemed there were no chance to get onto it.

What you need:
Computer running linux(I used Ubuntu Lucid 10.04)
The faulty harddrive connected
Software: testdisk/photorec
Note: You can also use a software called “foremost”, but on my drive it did a quick recover and skipped too much data. Ended up with about 3GB of pictures.

Recover as much data(pictures) as possible!
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