Microsoft kills “Courier”

As most of you read on both Gizmodo and Engadget, Microsoft has terminated the “Courier” project. To be really honest, the “Courier” and “Nadal” are pretty much the only exciting and innovative projects Microsoft had going for them, at least from a gadget-geek-perspective. So I’m not trying to hide my disappointment when they terminated the “Courier”.

So why is it, that they suddenly kill this project? Did anyone ever see or touch a prototype? Was this really all a concept-video?

There’s a lot of questions to ask regarding this sudden cancellation, but what I take personally from this is that the road from a concept to prototype to product is not a walk in the park. Another punch in the face could be the cancellation of the HP Slate tablet. If you listen to the sources who tried the Slate – it was buggy and laggy, pretty much unresponsive. How would you then do a double-screen keeping a low-cost AND have touchscreen gestures work smoothly? This isn’t possible if you need to keep the cost down. But what I really want to know the answer to is: was this a decision based on the fact that Microsoft couldnt make it fast enough vs cheap enough? Or weren’t they able to make the product in a reasonable timeframe on a reasonable platform at all?

My first thought that struck me was the comparison to Apple and the way they *never* show prototypes like that, but still manage to hype their products like no one else. I think this is were Microsoft has much to learn. Either way, maybe next time at least have a prototype before you go out and hype it – or else you will look like the loser fools you do this time – because lets face it – there were a lot of interest around this product!

Anyhow, it’s a shame that it got terminated, but maybe they’ll pick up the thread at a later stage when they(maybe) have a better and lighter framework to work on. The Windows platform just don’t cut it when it comes to lighter tablets!