Zend PHP Certifications

As I hope you all know Zend is a big contributer within the PHP community. They provide debugging, server enhancement and framework to support your PHP-development. Since it has stated such a huge reputation within the PHP-circle, I figured I’ll go ahead and take a PHP5 certification. Also I don’t have any education underlying my 4 years of PHP-experience, so I thought this might be a good way to get some papers on what I already know.

So I went ahead and bought a Zend PHP5 Certification bundle package, which includes free test-exams, a book in pdf and paperback and the examination itself. The package came to about $165 USD.

I went ahead and fired up one of the test-exams too see if I actually were something of a PHP-developer at all, and luckily I passed on my first attempt. Although I did miss a fair questions, I’m not too worried since it was all related to the Soap-extension(I’ve used the nusoap library for my soap purposes, but might actually change back soon).

So there it goes, my exam is book for the 28th of August(Friday so I can hopefully go out celebrate afterwards, or drown my sorrows!). I was actually surprised of how much the certification exam coverd. Everything from design patterns, databases, security to OOP – sweet!

Have a look over at Zend Certification if you’re interested in using their services. It’s highly recommended to take a look at the framework they provide. It’s an easy and fast way for creating web-sites and services.