tungsten-replicator: Provisioning generates different column-index than a normal insert event

Time for another post about tungsten replicator. It has worked well since my last post, we thought. Until we suddenly found out that table-columns were shifted right for some reason.

After some testing, we found this:

*A blob-column was left out by us (defined in tungsten.tables and chunks.csv) * The missing column generated a leap in the column index by provisioning-inserts

* The missing column DID NOT generate a leap in the column index by normal inserts and updates

This would trigger a column-count error when inserting during provisioning, and when a “dummy”-field was added, the same column would make all columns afterwards shift right.

The solution

What we ended up with, was a custom javascript filter which reset the column index on every insert.


// Prepare the filter and setup structures
function prepare()
// Perform the filter process; function is called for each event in the THL
function filter(event)
    // Get the array of DBMSData objects
    data = event.getData();
    // Iterate over the individual DBMSData objects
    for(i=0;i<data.size();i++) {
        // Get a single DBMSData object
        d = data.get(i);
        if (d instanceof com.continuent.tungsten.replicator.dbms.RowChangeData) {
            // Get an array of all the row changes
            rows = d.getRowChanges();
            // Iterate over row changes
            for(j=0;j<rows.size();j++) {
                // Get the single row change
                rowchange = rows.get(j);
                if (rowchange.getAction() == 'INSERT') {
                    var colSpec = rowchange.getColumnSpec();
                    var isOutOfIndex = false;
                    var lastIndex = null;
                    for (x = 0; x &lt; colSpec.size(); ++x) {
                        var cs = colSpec.get(x);
                        lastIndex = cs.getIndex();
                        //if index diverts from a sequetial numbering, correct it!
                        if (cs.getIndex() != (x+1)) {
                            isOutOfIndex = true;
                            //set correct index
                    if (isOutOfIndex) {
                        logger.info('Correcting index on '+rowchange.getTableName()+' size/lastindex: '+colSpec.size()+'/'+lastIndex);

What we didn’t try

* Removing columns from chunks.csv to see if that made an impact.