OpenGL and CG Shaders – introduction

I wanted to write a little introduction on how to setup and use the nVidia CG Toolkit and start creating some shaders for first and most OpenGL, who cares about D3D anyway?!?

Getting the toolkit

Head over to nVidias CG site and fetch the toolkit from there. Remember to get latest version!

What else do you need? You need, or preferrable want to update your graphics drivers to latest version in case you’re running on some old shit that doesn’t support different OpenGL extensions.

Getting started

Well, first I’m gonna give you an address to a beginners tutorial to CG, just so you have something to look up in, in case you were to, not that I’m saying you ever are, get stuck somewhere.

nVidia CG Tutorial book

It’s a good place to start, maybe not go through all the chapters straight away, but have a look at the first chapters and you get a general idea. That is pretty much what I’m gonna go through here too.

I already asume you are familiar with how to add library to your Visual Studio, cause we do need some of those cg librarys loaded. I will also use function oriented programming to demonstrate how this works, but theres no reason why you cant access it FROM objects so don’t be scred if you’re a OOP guru.

First, lets have a look at the CG shaders we’re gonna use. This is the simplest of the simplest ones, just to get you started. Lets have a look at the vertex shader:
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Zend PHP Certifications

As I hope you all know Zend is a big contributer within the PHP community. They provide debugging, server enhancement and framework to support your PHP-development. Since it has stated such a huge reputation within the PHP-circle, I figured I’ll go ahead and take a PHP5 certification. Also I don’t have any education underlying my 4 years of PHP-experience, so I thought this might be a good way to get some papers on what I already know.

So I went ahead and bought a Zend PHP5 Certification bundle package, which includes free test-exams, a book in pdf and paperback and the examination itself. The package came to about $165 USD.

I went ahead and fired up one of the test-exams too see if I actually were something of a PHP-developer at all, and luckily I passed on my first attempt. Although I did miss a fair questions, I’m not too worried since it was all related to the Soap-extension(I’ve used the nusoap library for my soap purposes, but might actually change back soon).

So there it goes, my exam is book for the 28th of August(Friday so I can hopefully go out celebrate afterwards, or drown my sorrows!). I was actually surprised of how much the certification exam coverd. Everything from design patterns, databases, security to OOP – sweet!

Have a look over at Zend Certification if you’re interested in using their services. It’s highly recommended to take a look at the framework they provide. It’s an easy and fast way for creating web-sites and services.

OpenGL without the glaux library on Visual Studio(Replacement code)

I’ve been doing a lot of 3D programming lately, mostly due to assignments at school…yey! I started googling a fair bit for the glaux library to work under Visual Studio, but found soon enough out that the library was obsolete at this stage. So I thought I would post some replacement code for the many tutorials still relaying on the glaux library.

Thanks to the boys over at NeHe Productions – give them a visit – awesome tutorials regardgin OpenGL and 3D programming. You can even download all the tutorials in PDF! Kudos boys, spent many hours on your site.

Back to the point, go fetch the library from their site or download here:

GLaux replacement code

At the moment I’m having a crack at bump mapping, fun when you realize you’ve done the wrong aproach for half a day. Gotta love CG shaders…

Chrom(ium) vs Firefox – personal opinion!

So, the news about Chromium(Google Chrome for linux/mac) is out. Personal I’ve been using the development build for a month already…and theres a reason WHY!

If you’re anything like me, you pretty much have Facebook up all the time – perfect place to procrastinate from whatever you are doing. So hey, whats wrong with that? I’ll tell you whats wrong – firefox memory build up! This does apply to several version of Firefox too, I’m using the newest stable release.

Firefox and memory

What happens to firefox after having facebook up for a while, is that it’s claiming all my memory, often we’re talking about up til 40% of my 2GB memory. No this is of course after my firefox have been open for about 2 days straight!(Why would you ever need to close your browser?!). So my main thought is that the javascript engine over at mozilla labs is not doing a proper enough job freeing up memory, which sucks!

Chromium the saviour?

So, can Chromium do anything about it? Hope so, at least looking promising now. Chromium is running the V8 javascript enginge coupled with the Webkit rendering engine, which apparently go well together in a bundle;) What happens to my memory consumption when running Chromium?

I’LL TELL YOU WHAT! After running it for several days straight(without crashing or anything) it still only claim about 4% of my memory, that is 10 times as little as Firefox would claim!

Why is this? Chromium on steroids?

I still havent figured out why! The question is more; what is wrong with who? Is Firefox javascript engined really flawed, or is V8 THAT good?…or is it something else?

I’ve been planning to investigate into this at a later stage, but for now I don’t have an answer for you. As soon as Chromium develops into a full blown and stable browser I’ll do new tests with proper data and see if it still is as fast and memory efficient as it is now.

Stay tuned..

Palm Pre is coming…

The long anticipated Palm Pre is right around the corner and figured I’ll post some links to reviews and previews! I’m guessing I’m not the only one froathing from my mouth when looking at this phone. And definatly not the only one who wish there was some more competition to the iPhone!

Personally I have big faith in the Android platform from Google, not only because I want competition, but also cause it’s open source and more freedom when it comes to developing applications.

Anywhooooo…heres some links to Palm Pre, which this post is really about!

Palm Pre Ad – awesome