Howto: Setup Ubuntu on MacBook Air without a SuperDrive

I looked all over the net for a guide on how to setup Ubuntu on a MacBook Air without buying the SuperDrive, but couldn’t find anything. So I hade to do it the hard way, figure it out myself!

What you need is:

  • MacBook Air
  • External drive of some kind with enough space for a Ubuntu install disk
  • Ubuntu Hardy Heron image

First step

You need to start out by creating a bootable Ubuntu disk. I’ll do a quick guide on that, if it doesn’t work, theres a lot of guides out there that could help you out. Forget it! I’ll just post a link.

I’de suggest to use the script to do it, worked good for me.

Second step

So you’ve got a disk or a stick with a Ubuntu Hardy Heron image on it, whats next?

First we need to partition the harddrive on the MacBook Air. I suggest using the “Disk Utility” in OSX, works quick and is easy. What you need to do, is use the disk utility to create TWO additional partitions. HFS+ allows resizing, so the data on your disk will not be lost.

Just choose your main harddrive, and then the tab called “Partition“.

Then add 2 new partitions
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